Will you be in Philly during Pope Francis’ visit?
If so, tell us what you see on the ground: what is working and what is not.

Use the hashtag #PopeHosting on Twitter of Facebook to share photos and feedback.

Put on your host hat and think about how our guests are experiencing the big event, whether we’re talking port-a-potties, retail patronage, public space design, event communications, transportation or more. Share photos or stories about your chats with out-of-town guests, or your experiences at local shops or vendors.

We’ll factor in your tips when planning the big events for America’s 250th in 2026.

Lunch @ PHL City Council: USA250 and State of Young Philly Week

Young USA250 supporters, and friends of any age, are invited to a special lunch briefing in the Philadelphia City Council Caucus Room, as part of State of Young Philly Week, organized by Young Involved Philadelphia. Meet leaders of our Gen250 Committee and learn how to get involved with our plans for 2026.

This event is also part of GlobalPhilly 2015 and will include an overview of international participation in national anniversary events hosted in Philadelphia in 1876, 1926, 1976 and next in 2026.

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In April 2015, Philadelphia City Council unanimously passed a resolution supporting USA250’s efforts and endorsing Philadelphia’s role as host to the nation’s anniversary celebrations in 2026.


Announcing: Fall Internships


In Philadelphia (Center City) or New York City (East Village)

USA250 is a “startup” nonprofit organization formed by a group of Philadelphians who are making BIG plans for America’s 250th anniversary in 2026. The executive director works both in Philadelphia and New York City, and the internship can occur in either place.

We are building a coalition of individual and institutional supporters to advance planning for 2026. USA250 envisions a year-long series of events, exhibitions and meetings that attract millions of participants from all 50 states and internationally. We aim to build a national initiative that will make equality, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness achievable in the modern era.

Our focus now is to bring on partners and establish early commitments for 2026, as well as to engage current and prospective donors in our work. The work done in the fall will lead to a spring 2016 “Host Summit” and major press event on July 4, 2016.

USA250 encourages candidates from a wide variety of backgrounds to apply, irrespective of age, gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or political beliefs.



USA250 seeks a fall 2015 multimedia or digital media intern. A successful candidate will have an entrepreneurial spirit and be someone who can blend solid design, creative problem-solving, and savvy digital media chops with a dash of “this needs to get done, so… let’s do it!” attitude. This is an unpaid internship, but a $100 travel stipend will be provided to cover expenses during this internship experience.


There are a range of projects that may be a fit for the internship, and we will craft the position around the candidate selected. These may include video production, graphic design for print and digital use, social media writing and management, email communications, and supporter/donor management.



USA250 seeks a 2015 research and communications intern. A successful candidate will have an entrepreneurial spirit and be someone who can blend solid writing, creative problem-solving, and savvy social media chops with a dash of “this needs to get done, so… let’s do it!” attitude.


This position is unpaid, but a $100 stipend will be provided to cover expenses during this internship experience. Depending on the final project scope discussed with the candidate, the internship may include the following experiences:


  • Conducting best practice research about major events in America and around the world;
  • Assisting with supporter and donor communications;
  • Researching potential philanthropies for USA250 to approach for funding;
  • Engaging supporters on USA250’s website, Twitter and email properties;
  • Supporting outreach for events;
  • Writing for development and outreach materials; and/or
  • Supporting multimedia designs (optional) if that is part of the candidate’s skill set.


To apply:

Please send a resume, cover email and a work/writing sample to info@usa250inc.org. In your cover email, include a 3-sentence anecdote about a past experience where you creatively solved a problem, achieved an important goal, or developed a transformative relationship. The work/writing sample should be a pre-existing demonstration of your skills, but it can be any format, even including a collection of social media posts. Don’t create anything new.


Philadelphians are planning for 2026​.

Today’s 1st-graders will graduate high school in 2026 as the United States marks its 250th anniversary as the birthplace of modern democracy. It is our generation’s privilege and responsibility to honor the nation’s achievements, reflect upon our struggles, and chart a course for the next generation as America heads into the next 250 years.

USA250 extends an open invitation to thinkers, community leaders, artists, pioneers, and athletes, and all Americans to come together and imagine a more perfect union. Our vision is that citizens and leaders from all 50 states will convene to renew the American project through a multi-year celebration and exploration of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness in the modern era.

Philadelphia will develop national partnerships to anchor America’s 250th: a series of events, meetings, and exhibitions woven together by our common heritage and shared future.