The Gen250 Committee is engaging young professionals, artists, thinkers, activists, and others to join the planning for 2026.

America’s 250th in 2026 promises to be a transformative economic, civic and cultural opportunity for the Philadelphia region and for our country. We anticipate that USA250 will become one of the biggest civic and business leadership initiatives over the next decade, with a legacy lasting for years and decades beyond.

We organized Gen250 not just to ensure that millennials have a seat at the table. Rather, we are enlisting young leaders now who will be central to the partnerships and implementation of America’s 250th initiative as we approach 2026.  Please contact Nicole Allen White ( to learn more about ways to get engaged.

Gen250 Committee Members:

Chatara Benson

Christopher J. Bryan

Jonathan Burton

Nick D’Addezio

Cary Davis

Jon Geeting

Allencia Grant

Richard Haggerty

Tricia Handza

Maureen Holland

Job Itzkowitz

Danielle Jeter

Bryan E.K. Leib

Nick Marzano

Emily Nichols

Greg O’Loughlin

Angela K. Rivers

Keri I. Salerno

Carlton Stuart

Julie Wertheimer

Kellan White

Nicole Allen White, Chair

Molly Whitehouse

Ashley Wick