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USA250 is led by a growing group of individuals and institutions making big plans for America’s 250th in 2026.

Board of Directors .

Honorary Chair .

Executive Director .

Gen250 Committee .

The Gen250 Committee is engaging young professionals, artists, thinkers, activists, and others to join the planning for 2026. America’s 250th in 2026 promises to be a transformative economic, civic and cultural opportunity for the Philadelphia region and for our country. We anticipate that USA250 will become one of the biggest civic and business leadership initiatives over the next decade, with a legacy lasting for years and decades beyond. We organized Gen250 not just to ensure that millennials have a seat at the table. Rather, we are enlisting young leaders now who will be central to the partnerships and implementation of America’s 250th initiative as we approach 2026. Please contact Nicole Allen White ( to learn more about ways to get engaged.

Greater Philadelphia Stakeholders Committee .

USA250’s stakeholders committee is an advisory group comprised of Philadelphia-area nonprofit, governmental, higher education and private sectors partners working to advance an exciting vision for America’s 250th in 2026.

Greater Philadelphia Stakeholders Committee Members

Maud Lyon, Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, Chair
Barry Seymour, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
Bernie Prazenica, 6abc/WPVI
Bonnie Grant, PHL Life/ PHLCVB
Carrie Fischer Lepore, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development
Charles Croce, Philadelphia History Museum at the Atwater Kent
Claire Greenwood, CEO Council for Growth/ GPCC
Erinn Tucker, PhD, Temple University School of Tourism and Hospitality
Ivy Barsky, National Museum of American Jewish History
Jim Cuorato, Independence Visitors Center
Job Itzkowitz, Old City District
Julie Coker Graham, Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau
Karin Copeland, Arts and Business Council/ GPCC
Lydia Sarson, German American Chamber of Commerce, Philadelphia

Loraine Ballard Morrill, iHeartMedia
Matt Cabrey, Select Greater Philadelphia/ GPCC
Meryl Levitz, Visit Philadelphia
Michael Quinn, Museum of the American Revolution
Michelle Freeman, Witty Gritty, Flying Kite Media
Nedia Ralston, Pennsylvania, Office of the Governor
Nicole Allen White, Philadelphia Museum of Art
Pat Murdock, American Bible Society/ Faith + Liberty Discovery Center
Paul Steinke, Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia
Rebecca Johnson, AIA Philadelphia | Center / Architecture + Design
Ros Remer, Drexel University
Sam Lemheney, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
Steven Bradley, African American Chamber of Commerce
Vince Stango, National Constitution Center
Josh Sevin, Economy League of Greater Philadelphia
Zabeth Teelucksingh, Global Philadelphia