An invitation from Andrew Hohns, Board Chair

Dear Friends,

I invite you on a journey.

In 2026, today’s 1st-graders will graduate high school as the United States celebrates its 250th anniversary as the birthplace of modern democracy. Our generation holds the privilege and responsibility to honor America’s achievements, reflect upon our struggles, and chart a course for those graduates as we head into the next 250 years.

USA250 has big plans and ambitious ideas to make the 250th a transformative moment for Philadelphia and the nation.

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I am pleased to share that Jon Grabelle Herrmann has joined USA250 as executive director to lead our next planning phase for 2026. And we are teaming up with Greater Philadelphia’s tourism agencies as we move forward. With your year-end support:

  • We will assess models for a national celebration and international exposition.
  • We will invite sports and association planners to connect their 2026 events to the 250th in Philadelphia.
  • We will enlist community, business and government leaders in the planning process.
  • We will organize volunteer opportunities so that anyone can become involved.

And we are asking for your help to advance this important work:

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Philadelphians plan to host the nation and world for the 250th: a multi-year series of events, exhibitions, and conventions woven together by our common heritage and shared future. USA250 extends an open invitation to thinkers, community leaders, artists, pioneers, athletes, and all Americans to come together and imagine a more perfect union.

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The 250th is an unique and exciting opportunity for Philadelphia and the nation. We appreciate your support.


Andrew Hohns
Board Chair, USA250

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