Calling Ed Bacon…

In addition to his role as father of America’s most-connected actor, Ed Bacon is remembered as a champion of urban planning as head of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission in the 1950s and 60s.

And so it is suitable that the annual design competition in Bacon’s name focused on a vision for a World’s Fair to be held in Philadelphia in 2026.

These student designs mark the very first ideas generated for USA250 in 2010. The winning project was called Confluence: Philadelphia 2026 and designed by a team from Cornell University.

The Cornell team sought a sustainable approach to building out the existing South Philadelphia stadium sites into a campus for an international exposition. Says Taylor, one of the team members:

“Placing urban development in Philadelphia under the framework of a ‘world exposition’ allows one to explore new ways of sustainable urban development. Especially, the project allowed us to attempt to research, analyze and provide solutions for some of the shortcomings of expositions and their aftermaths have experienced in the past.”

first_2050_1 first_2050_2