Why DNC 2016 matters for America’s 250th in 2026. (Hint: not for partisan reasons.)

Philadelphia has quite a history hosting important American conventions (see here, here, and here.)

The City of Brotherly Love hosted the Republican National Convention in 2000, and today it was announced that Philadelphia will host the Democratic National Convention in 2016.

Why will the 2016 DNC matter for America’s plans for 2026?

It’s not because of partisan politics.

According to Jon Grabelle Herrmann, USA250’s Executive Director,

“Philadelphians are providing leadership to bring the country together during America’s 250th anniversary. A major party convention hosted in Philadelphia, 10 years before 2026, is a tremendous opportunity to focus the nation’s attention on our 250th anniversary project.


“The next President will lay the foundation for a robust celebration and national discussion about America’s past and future.”

If we want the to seize the moment and think big, then planning for our 250th begins now. It’s the American thing to do. 2016 can be a major platform to invite Americans to join USA250 in hosting the nation and world in 2026.

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