USA250 partners with Philly-area tourism agencies

Two of USA250’s early partners have a mission to attract visitors to the Philadelphia region for business, leisure, meetings, and conventions.

With the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau, USA250 is posing questions to the diverse target markets they reach: For meeting planners, how will your meeting or convention tie into America’s 250th? For sports organizations, what 2026 event can be showcased in Philadelphia for America’s 250th? For international travelers and tour operators, how can you represent your country and plan to take in all that is uniquely Philadelphia for America’s 250th? Our calendar for 2026 is already filling in.

And with VISIT PHILADEPHIA®, we are researching the opportunity to attract tourists to the 250th in Philadelphia and related best practices. How can we develop a program to attract the masses from around the nation to visit America’s birthplace? We are looking into other successful events and tourism programs to serve as models for the Philadelphia region.

Photo by R. Kennedy for Visit Philadelphia and Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau